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The Supplements  

Now, perhaps you’re worried about muscle and strength loss. Perhaps you’re thinking that you’ll suffer poor brain function with that few carbohydrates. Perhaps you’re worried about nutrient deficiencies. Well, worry no longer. If you use the following supplement strategy, you’ll be filling in your nutritional gaps, you’ll be making sure to avoid as much brain fog as possible, and you’ll be preserving muscle mass quite well.  

And this isn’t just theoretical. I’ve done the nutritional analyses; have used this protocol repeatedly with myself and other clients; and promise that if you do exactly what I say, you’ll have the best experience possible. So here’s what to do:  


Supplements #1 and #2 – Branched Chain Amino Acids and Creatine  

Think of BCAA and creatine as your muscle mass saviors. They’ll help mitigate muscle and strength loss and keep your aerobic and anaerobic systems running closer to optimal, ensuring that you don’t feel like total dog poo during your diet. You’ll only feel like partial dog poo. But at least your workouts will stay productive.  

In fact, I’ve tried the diet without and with the BCAA+creatine combo and have found that the difference is night and day. With this combo you’ll feel much better physically and mentally, will still get pumps in the gym (even with this very low carb approach), and you’ll avoid gumby-leg syndrome. That’s where your muscles, especially your legs, feel flat and rubbery most of the time.  

Here’s what to do:  

For those under 200 pounds, use 5g of BCAA and 2.5g of creatine 4x per day. You’ll use 1 serving during strength training and 1 serving after strength training. The other 2 servings you’ll use between meals, whenever you like.  

For those over 200, use 10g of BCAA and 5g of creatine 4x per day. You’ll use 1 serving during strength training and 1 serving after strength training. The other 2 servings you’ll use between meals.  

Supplement #3 – Biotest Superfood  

Super concentrated freeze-dried extracts of 18 berries, fruits, and vegetables. Superfood will help you fill in the gaps in your diet. Use 1 serving per day, taken either with or between meals.  

Supplement #4 – ZMA®  

One serving per day, preferably before bed, to take care of common mineral deficiencies during a strict diet. As a bonus, ZMA® will help you get better quality sleep. When following a hypocaloric diet like this one, it’s very hard to get good quality sleep for two reasons. First, you’ll be getting up to pee about 3-5 times per night. Second, your sympathetic nervous system tends to be amped up constantly. Having an adequate vitamin and mineral intake help tremendously in reducing the frequency of urination and in settling the nervous system at night.  

Supplement #5 – Fish Oil  

Do I really have to expound on this one? I didn’t think so. Simply take your Flameout® every day.  

Supplement #6 – Hot-Rox®  

During your Get Shredded Diet, you’re going to need the appetite suppression, thyroid hormone support, and metabolic rate support that Hot-Rox® offers. Plus the energy boost won’t hurt either.  

Supplement #7 – Brain Candy®  

As a program like this will be pretty taxing on the CNS, regardless of your training program, you’ll want Brain Candy® to help improve your focus, concentration, and training intensity. Take one serving first thing in the AM.  

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