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10. The no-sugar, no-carb J. Lo Diet challenge was trending last January as a way to reset for the new year.

Jennifer Lopez announced last January that she was doing a 10-day diet challenge, completely cutting out carbs and sugar. Her Instagram post about the challenge caused an immediate spike in Google traffic for the “J Lo Diet.”

On the advice of her nutritionist, she temporarily cut out starchy vegetables (like squash and potatoes), dairy, fruits, and grains, in addition to sweeteners, candy, and pastries.

Instead, the singer and actress ate leafy greens, cruciferous veggies like broccoli, and lots of fats and protein from meat, nuts, seeds, seafood, and eggs, Cheatsheet reported.

Now, Lopez, who turned 50 this year, stays fit by also reportedly cutting out caffeine and alcohol from her diet and making sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

9. The endomorph diet aims to help people eat right for their body type.

The endomorph diet is based on one of three basic human body types described in the 1940s by psychologist William Sheldon.

“Endomorphs” are people who tend to have larger bodies and a higher percentage of body fat, and who have more trouble gaining muscle and losing weight.

It’s also believed that endomorphs may have slower metabolisms or be more likely to convert calories to fat than other body types because they can be more sensitive to carbohydrates and insulin, according to proponents of the diet.

The endomorph diet aims to keep people with this body type healthy and fit by cutting down on carbs and sugars, particularly refined and processed foods, and emphasizing healthy fats and proteins.

Since the diet is based on simple principles of healthy eating most nutritionists agree on, it would likely be effective for most people regardless of body type.

8. “No carbs no sugar” diets were a broader trend fueled by New Year’s resolutions, lasting into March.

An extreme version of other carb- and sugar-shunning diets like keto and the FODMAP plan, the no-carbs, no-sugar diet was a hot topic trending in early 2019.

However, cutting carbs, and even sugars, means leaving out foods that have proven health benefits, including fruit, whole grains, and legumes.

According to Google Trends, most people lost their resolve a few months in, as searches for “no carb no sugar” gradually dropped into March and April.

7. The “sirtfood” diet was trending in late October, thanks to Adele, but its low-calorie, restrictive plan isn’t sustainable.

The sirtfood diet peaked in popularity in late October after Adele was spotted looking significantly slimmer at the rapper Drake’s birthday party.

6. The Dubrow diet, a celebrity fasting trend, is back again after trending in 2018.

The Dubrow diet consists of three phases: First, there is an extremely restrictive phase, with no alcohol, small portion sizes, and a lot of veggies and low-fat foods for the first two to five days. Then the diet opens up to include more foods and brings back alcohol. The third and final phase is more relaxed and focused on maintenance.

Throughout all phases, though, dieters fast between eight and 12 hours a day.

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